Young conservative women who went viral for standing up to liberal mob say they've received death threats

'If I can stand up and make big waves with a $5 poster board and a message, then anybody can'

Savanah Hernandez, who was targeted by Black Lives Matter protesters when she showed up to a rally with a sign that read “Police Lives Matter,” told “The Ingraham Angle” on Monday that she was “viciously attacked” and has “gotten death threats from people on the left” because they don’t like her message.

On Monday, Hernandez tweeted a picture of herself at the rally in Texas and wrote, “I get a lot of hate for the sign, but imagine being the person whose actually in the uniform. Thank you to the police who care about keeping our communities safe. #PoliceLivesMatter.”

“I was watching so many videos on Twitter of police officers, especially black police officers who’ve been the subject of so much racism because of the radical left and everything that has been going on and it really enraged me so I wanted to go stand up with a Police Lives Matter sign,” Hernandez explained.

She noted that on the other side of the sign she wrote the name of retired St. Louis police captain David Dorn, who was shot and killed by a looter during protests over the death of George Floyd.

“I went and I stood there, I didn’t chant, I didn’t go infiltrate their rally at all,” Hernandez said. “I stood on a busy street corner and I held up my sign because I wanted police in my city to know that they were supported and I was immediately attacked.”

She said that one BLM supporter actually “supported my First Amendment right, which is not something that we typically see, so I was very appreciative of that.”


“But it’s ridiculous that I can’t go stand up with a sign on my own street, in my own city without being attacked, viciously attacked, several times,” Hernandez continued.

She noted that since the rally she has received death threats from people on the left, which she said “only emboldens me more to stand up for our police who protect our communities every single day.”

Host Laura Ingraham asked Hernandez what is her message to young women who are conservative like her and are “tired of being pushed around.”

“I am not a spectacular human being, I’m a regular girl … If I can stand up and make big waves with a $5 poster board and a message, then anybody can,” she said in response. “So stand up. Now’s the time to do it.”

An incoming college freshman who claimed Marquette University threatened to rescind her admission because of videos she posted on TikTok that were supportive of President Trump also appeared on “The Ingraham Angle” on Monday night.

Samantha Pfefferle said she has also received death threats after she posted the videos and added that other students were among those harassing her online, according to

Ingraham asked Pfefferle, “After what you have been through, do you have second thoughts about going to Marquette at this point or no?”

“I really, really, really want to go,” Pfefferle said in response.

She said she plans on attending in the fall adding that “me and my parents are still scared for my safety going there because of all the threats that I have been getting including, ‘Don’t worry, you will be dead soon.’”

“So it’s kind of scary to step on campus and I’m nervous,” she continued. “But I’m ready to rally conservatives and stand up for what I believe in.”

In a statement sent to Fox News, the university disputed the claim that Pfefferle’s enrollment was in jeopardy.

“Concerns about this new student that were brought to the university’s attention are not based on political affiliation, but on alleged use of discriminatory language,” the statement said. “In this case, there were also concerns for the incoming student’s safety, which were investigated by the Marquette University Police Department and discussed with the incoming student.”

The university also said that Pfefferle’s admission has not been rescinded nor did the university threaten to rescind the admission.


Ingraham asked Pfefferle if that is true or false.

“When we went on the first call, they did say that I was not a student,” Pfefferle said in response.

Ingraham then pointed out that she is “not a student now.”

“They told me I wasn’t a student and that I would hear back in a couple days,” Pfefferle responded. “It took them a week and a half.”