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While living under the threat of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is "such a difficult time" for so many, the "silver lining" can be found in spending quality time with your kids, Pete Hegseth said Friday.

Appearing on "Fox & Friends" with hosts Steve Doocy, Ainsley Earhardt and Brian Kilmeade, the Fox News contributor said he uses the time he has in self-isolation to talk with his children about the things that really matter.

Hegseth told the "Friends" hosts that in addition to holding class and "lectures" with his "munchkins," they also play basketball and recite the pledge of allegiance daily.

He said he relies on both an online curriculum provided by schools as well as individualized plans.


"It's kind of fun," he remarked. "Pick what you want them to learn and focus on based on their grade level. And then, I just pull them all together for the lecture thing and say, 'Hey, here's George Washington and here's what you didn't know about him."

Hegseth said that he had talked about the nature of politics and about where money gets its value from in previous lectures.

"Maybe a little deep for six-year-olds, but we got there," he joked.

Today the children have a guest lecture via Skype from their grandparents about life on a farm.

"So, topics they would otherwise never hear about with all of this time together we have as a family," he explained.


Hegseth's advice to parents across America? Stick to the basics and a simple schedule you can execute, so your kids "know what's coming."

Additionally, treat home school "like a school."

"If it's a free-range thing, it's going to get out of control quickly. So, you have to enforce that they're in their seats, they're on time, they're doing their work, they're getting it done on time," he concluded. "I delineate when it's recess, when it's gym time, [and] when the school day is actually over."