Fox News contributor and Fox Nation host Lawrence Jones said Tuesday that Baltimore’s liberal policies have negatively affected the city, speaking to some of the residents there about the conditions.

“They have made it very clear, they don’t care about the politics of things. But it’s very clear that liberal policies have definitely affected Baltimore. The question is, what would be the response. We’ve seen the failure of all these cities, including Baltimore where there is corruption,” Jones told "Fox & Friends."

Trump started a feud with House Oversight Committee Chairman Rep. Elijah Cummings, calling the congressman’s district “a disgusting, rat and rodent-infested mess.”

During Jones' "Man on the Street" interviews with residents, their responses were negative. Jones interviewed a resident who said, “The crisis is not just the crime. But the crisis starts downtown with the government.”

“I personally don’t even want to live in Baltimore anymore and I’m afraid to actually raise a family here and this is my home,” another resident told Jones.


President Trump said on Tuesday the African-American community of Baltimore “thanked” him for exposing the city’s “corruption.”

“When you talk about the forgotten men and women, Baltimore is included and these people feel like no one cared about them,” said Jones about his time in the city, explaining what he observed walking around different neighborhoods, including gang activity in a park.

"There were no kids playing in the park, because the gang had taken over the park. You saw them selling drugs, right there. Nobody came to break it up. This is an American city. And if we say that we care about people and we want to evoke change, then we got to do something about it."

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Jones urged conservatives to travel to the city to talk to the people and “guarantees” they’ll listen.

“I understand in many circles, they think the conservative message wouldn’t be welcomed here. They don’t care if it’s a conservative message or a liberal message, they just want people to care about them and we have tried the liberal message for over 70 years in this town and it’s been reckless to these people here,” he said.


Jones went on to say, “This is a local issue. You’ve got to clean up the school board, the mayor’s office, the zoning commission, every single department in this town have family members or connections that have business practices that has caused corruption in this town so you got to clean it all up.”

A young African-American man agreed that the city of Baltimore is at a "crisis" point, telling Jones that the city's murder rate, drug problems and poverty are "just crazy."

"Crime is a way of life. ... The president called our city rat-infested, that is true," a woman told Jones. Another man took issue with Trump bringing "attention" to himself with his tweets about the city.