Former Missouri Dem lawmaker, retired officer blasts Warren for tweet claiming Michael Brown was murdered

A former Missouri police officer and Democratic state lawmaker pushed back Monday on Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., after the top presidential contender tweeted that Michael Brown was "murdered by a white police officer" five years ago in the city of Ferguson.

Former State Rep. Jeff Roorda, who now heads the St. Louis Police Officers Association, called Warren's comments "offensive to every police officer in America."

“Senator Warren is clinging to this false narrative. There’s no reason to do that other than that it pays electoral dividends,” Roorda told “Fox & Friends.”

Warren commemorated the five-year anniversary of Brown's death by writing on Twitter: "5 years ago Michael Brown was murdered by a white police officer in Ferguson, Missouri. Michael was unarmed yet he was shot 6 times. I stand with activists and organizers who continue the fight for justice for Michael. We must confront systemic racism and police violence head on."

The fatal shooting of Brown, 18, by police officer Darren Wilson sparked mass protests in Ferguson and the creation of the Black Lives Matter movement. Both a Missouri grand jury and the Obama Justice Department later declined to bring charges against Wilson, who had testified that he acted in self-defense.

The DOJ report stated that there was "no credible evidence that Wilson willfully shot Brown as he was attempting to surrender or was otherwise not posing a threat." Roorda said that Warren is "pandering" to her supporters by continuing to claim Brown was murdered.


He went on to say, “I don’t know what good purpose is served by extending this narrative that the Justice Department, the grand jury rejected flatly. Darren Wilson was acting in self-defense.”

“It’s really exhausting. I mean, we keep dealing, addressing the fantasy of this situation instead of the reality and we just can’t make any progress under those circumstances,” he said.

Roorda said that “villainizing" law enforcement is used by Democrats to get votes from minority communities. He argued that they’re only listening to protesters and excluding communities that want safety.


He added: “Hillary Clinton lost the election to President Trump the minute that she paraded the mothers of the movement out of the stage at the Democratic National Convention. And if folks in my party don’t figure out that this tired false narrative turns off voters then they’re never going to get the White House back.”

Eight mothers associated with the Black Lives Matter movement were invited to the Democratic National Convention in 2016.