American 'Royals' volunteer to test food for the royal baby

Chef Darren McGrady apparently knows a thing or two about preparing meals for a royal baby.

McGrady, who cooked for Queen Elizabeth II and the royal family and then was the Kensington Palace personal chef until Diana's death in 1997, dished to the Charlotte Observer about what the young royals Princes William and Henry ate as babies.

It was mostly  freshly pureed fruits and vegetables that were in season near the palaces--things like steamed apples and pears, strained twice.

Now, it appears that McGrady, who is out of the royal food business and now makes his home in Texas, has been succeeded as a taste-tester for baby food by a new group of American royals: the Kansas City Royals.

Hall of Famer George Brett, along with current Royal’s first baseman Eric Hosmer and pitcher James Shields, volunteered to taste test baby food for the newborn prince.

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“As members of the Royal family, we are very excited about the birth of the royal baby,” Shields said in the MLB Fan Cave slow-motion video.

“So to pitch in, we have decided to volunteer as the official royal baby food tasters,” Brett adds.

It looks like the food may not be the homemade variety, from the looks on their faces, they don't seem to mind--too much.

Shields, the ace of the Royal’s pitching staff, can be seen with a toothy smile on his face after taking a spoonful of puréed sweet peas.  Hosmer gives off a look of satisfaction after a helping of chicken gravy, while the legendary third baseman Brett licks his lips after getting a taste of carrots.  After all, what could be more gratifying than taste-testing baby food?