With summer in full, sweltering swing, children and adults alike look to popsicles to take the edge off a hot day. But there is a sad and often overlooked fact about those joyous moments following a Good Humor truck flag-down. Those frozen icons your kids go crazy for look downright creepy most of the time. Whether it’s that their gumball eyes are positioned inside their mouths or their bizarre (and possibly toxic) blend of colors has morphed into a dripping, ice cream-based Pollock-like piece of art, these summer staples can be pretty unsettling. So here it is: a list of popsicles that taste great, but look a little creepy going down.

1. WWF Superstars of Wrestling Bars



Back when the WWF (now the WWE) was at its popularity peak during the 80's, these cookie-based, vanilla ice cream-flavored confections were available at nearly every corner store and ice cream truck. The Gold Bond Ice Cream-brand 'WWF Superstars of Wrestling Bars' featured a specialized drawing of a wrestler on each treat. Now, years after both the dessert and wrestlers have retired, you can relive the bar's memory in a nice little highlight reel, produced by the WWE.

2. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles


(Wells' Dairy Inc)

The anatomy of the Ninja Turtle pop is relatively simple. One big green head, one head band, two gumball eyes and a triangular, smiling mouth. Unfortunately, more often than not, that mix comes out looking something like this. It's hard to explain to a child why Michelangelo's face looks much more mutant than turtle. Regardless, it's still a very tasty treat.

3. Che Guevara



This popsicle comes from a set of pop culture themed ice creams designed by STOYN, an advertising agency based in Lobnya, Russia. Some other characters include Darth Vader, Super Mario, Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and Marilyn Monroe. The flavors fit are specially designed to fit each icon. In this case, Che's flavor is Mate and Rum. Yum.

4. Spongebob Squarepants



This friendly, square sponge has one major obstacle to becoming a perfect pop...his teeth. Spongebob is known for his buck-toothed smile, but when crafting that look with a hunk of colored ice, there is a lot that could go wrong. Specifically, his teeth turn into creepy white fangs. To the manufacturer's credit, Spongebob is a pretty weird-looking guy whether he's on a popsicle stick or not. The good news is, he tastes great.

5. Sour Patch Kids



Unlike other popsicles on this list, the Sour Patch Kids pop requires no manufacturing deformity to look totally creepy. The dyed ice is in the form of a crime scene chalk line. The face is probably the creepiest part, both the eyes and smile are very unnerving.

6. Mickey Mouse


(Good Humor)

This vintage classic from the 60's doesn't have the bright colors or gumballs associated with many other character popsicles on this list. Mickey's colors are muted and all blend together when he melts, his brown ears mixing in with his gray face. Unfortunately, Good Humor lost the rights to the frozen Disney franchise and the creepy Mickey pops have been retired.

7. Bubble Play Baseball Glove


(Good Humor)

The Bubble Play is a notable creepy ice cream on our list, mainly because it correctly uses a gumball as a ball and not an eye. Rather than have two eyes drifting on a face of frozen ice, Good Humor decided to use a glove to hold the gumball. This pop only gets creepy when you realize you are gnawing away at giant, dripping, red hand.

8. Tweety Bird


(Wells’ Dairy Inc)

Here's the problem with the Tweety Bird popsicle, it looks absolutely nothing like Tweety Bird. The idea behind the design was to have the loveable Looney Tunes character glance skyward in wistful contemplation, instead the bird just looks possessed. Here is an example of all that is wrong and creepy about the Tweety Bird pop.