'You've been iced': Did Dustin Diamond threaten to stab man in a bar before stabbing man in another?

Dustin Diamond may have taken a "You've been iced" prank far too seriously.

Ozaukee County District Attorney Adam Gerol wants to introduce evidence that Diamond threatened to stab a man in a bar on Christmas when he refused to drink a bottle of Smirnoff Ice offered to him by Diamond, The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel reports.

This incident allegedly took place before Diamond -- best known as Screech in "Saved By the Bell" -- actually stabbed a man in a different bar on the same day.

According to the report, a group of men were watching a basketball game at The Patio Bar & Grill when Diamond, 37, offered one of them the alcoholic beverage and announced, "You've been iced. Get on your knees and drink this."

When the man refused, Diamond's fiancee Amanda Schutz allegedly told the man: "Just drink it." When he refused again, Diamond allegedly said words to the effect of "Don't make me stab someone on Christmas."

Video and bartender testimony corroborates the story, according to the DA.

"This evidence would tend to prove intent, preparation, plan and absence of mistake or accident in that Diamond had already articulated to stab someone before the incident which will be tried," Gerol wrote.

Diamond's attorney Thomas Alberti wants to exclude this testimony, which would be introduced in the trial Diamond is currently facing on charges he stabbed someone in the Grand Avenue Saloon. Diamond admitted the stabbing, but told police he was defending his fiance.

Alberti says the Patio Bar incident would unduly prejudice Diamond in the trial.

"It is human nature to assign weight to situations that, at first glance, seem like a pattern," Alberti wrote.

Diamond's trial is scheduled for May 27.

Go to The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel for the full report.