WWE Superstars Nikki and Brie Bella Abide by John Cena's Strict Rules on E!'s 'Total Bellas'

Should we expect a smackdown in the house that Cena built? Not if the Bella Twins can help it.

The twin wrestlers are the new superstars behind E!’s latest docu-series "Total Bellas," which chronicles their lives with their two fellas, WWE mega-star John Cena and former WWE champion Daniel Bryan.

The six 1-hour episodes will give fans an exclusive look into the lives of Brie and her beau Daniel, who move in with Nikki and John after Nikki gets sidelined by an injury — and of course it leads to some major, oftentimes comical clashes between the new roommates. Brie not only attempts to nurse her sister back to health, but she’s also facing her husband Daniel’s sudden retirement from WWE due to suffering concussion-related seizures, all while yearning to start her own family. And during all this chaos, they're all trying to abide by John’s no-nonsense rules for living in his immaculately organized household.

In other words, viewers will discover what life is really like beyond the ring, as well as what the future truly holds for these titans.

Fox News Magazine spoke with the Bella Twins for all the details about E!’s "Total Bellas," including the biggest ways a guest can offend John Cena, and who they would really like to wrestle if given the chance. Oh, and there’s some wine involved, too:

FNM: "Total Bellas" documents how you coexist with your significant others under one roof. What’s that been like?

Nikki: It was quite an interesting experience. It was definitely a journey I will never forget. But really, I love having my family with me. But Brie said it earlier today — we understand why holiday visits are short now. Because it can only happen for so many days and then it’s like, "Ok, time to go home." So, there were definitely moments where I was like, "I’m loving this," and then moments where I was like, "Ok, they need to go home now, this is a little too much."

Brie: Being married, there are certain things that I like to keep private in my marriage, but when you’re living with your whole family under one roof, everyone feels like your business should be their business. That was a little hard on me because, you know, there are certain things my husband and I didn’t want to share, but we had to. Otherwise, people would just make assumptions and then it causes drama. And we’re just so different, so that was very challenging as well.

FNM: Nikki, we heard that John is so protective of his home that you had to sign a contract before moving in with him. Could you tell us more about that?

Nikki: I like to say John is very OCD about certain things, and I think that’s why we work so well, because I’m kinda like that too. We love being super clean. I’m very, very organized, and so is John. But John takes it to the next level a little bit with his contracts and rules. But honestly? That’s just one thing I love about him. Just little things like that I find so adorable. I prefer him being that way than, like, this big slob who’s so messy. I totally take this way over that.

FNM: What would you say is John's biggest pet peeve?

Brie: I feel like the biggest one would have to be wearing shoes in the house.

Nikki: No, it would definitely be if Josie [Brie’s French bulldog] would tear up furniture. He would be extremely upset if she did that.

Brie: Josie was not allowed in the main house because he doesn’t like her shedding.

Nikki: Well, you can’t blame him.

Brie: It’s called a vacuum!

FNM: With all the challenges you two were facing, from injuries to starting a family, why did you choose to give fans an intimate look into your lives?

Nikki: It was definitely something we had to discuss for a while. But in the end, what Brie and I realized is that if people around the world can learn from the mistakes we make in our lives, that we air on TV. Or, if they can see our moments and realize they’re not alone in feeling a certain way, to us that’s where we win. It comes back to women empowerment, motivating and inspiring people. And they can see that we’re relatable people. When we think of it that way, it’s very easy for us to be open books on TV.

FNM: How did living under one roof impact your relationship as sisters, or with your significant others?

Brie: I’ve learned that sometimes, you should just keep your opinion to yourself. As protective as we are of each other as sisters, our significant others are so different. But we’re with them because they care about us. They’re our perfect fit. We just have to let each one have their own relationship. I think being twins, we want to control each other’s relationship with the other guy. I had to say to myself, "Nicole and John live differently than I do, and I just need to butt out because my opinions don’t really mean much."

FNM: The show also showcases the aftermath of your wrestling injuries.

Nikki: That’s why we always tell our fans, "Do not try this at home." Of course, accidents happen. We are professional athletes. We do experience injuries, and I think that’s what made "Total Bellas" so interesting, because there was a period of time in all of our lives where John was going to rehab for his shoulder, I was coming back from a neck injury, and Bryan had to retire. It happened to all of us at the same time and I think that’s what makes our show so compelling, because there’s this realness where we show you everything we’re going through. And even Brie chooses to retire because she wants to become a mom, and when you’re a woman in our industry, you can’t be pregnant and be a WWE Superstar at the same time.

FNM: Between the neck injury and getting ready to start a family, what do you miss the most about the WWE?

Brie: I’ve been retired since April and I just miss the friendships from the WWE. Just seeing the same people from the last 10 years, having our inside jokes — I just feel like I’m not part of the family anymore because I don’t see them every week!

Nikki: Aww, you’re always part of the family.

Brie: Well, thank you. I also miss just standing strong in that ring. It was just a very empowering feeling and I miss that.

FNM: If you could wrestle anyone from history, who would it be and why?

Brie: If it’s a tag match, the Bella Twins always wanted to take on Trish [Stratus] and Lita. We think that would be a great match.

Nikki: If it were me taking on someone one-on-one, I would probably say Sensational Sherri. She was very much before our time in terms of how strong women can be, and she very much inspired me.

Brie: I would love to have this storyline with Miss Elizabeth and Macho Man, and I would have Daniel Bryan be a part of it. It would have been so cool to go against them.

FNM: What’s next for you two?

Brie: Nikki and I are launching an undergarment line called Birdiebee. We want to create a community where we can educate women on feminine health and make them feel empowered. I think people often associate empowerment with physical strength. It’s more than that. This is about strength within you. It’s one of our passion projects right now. And because the Bella Twins love their wine, it only made sense that we would make our own.

Nikki: Yes!

Brie: We’re going to have our wine launch at the end of May at BottleRock [Napa Valley]. We actually have to harvest next week so we’re very excited.