Wrestling meets faith in new movie 'The Masked Saint' with Rowdy Roddy Piper

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"The Masked Saint" will be bitter sweet for fans of the late wrestling legend Rowdy Roddy Piper. Piper portrayed a "shady" wrestling promoter named Nicky Stone in the action packed, faith based film.

Brett Granstaff, the lead actor and co-writer shared with FOX411 that even on set, Piper made time for his loyal audience.

"There is a lot of down time between shots and set ups and a lot of people go back to their trailers, but he stayed on set the whole time," Granstaff told FOX411. "He talked with every fan, he signed every autograph, there were a lot of indie guys, indie wrestlers in the film, he met with every single one of them, talked about how to cut a better promo, what life was like on the road -- he wanted them to be the best wrestlers they could be because he just loved wrestling and he loved his fans and the fact he was just so gracious with his time, it really hit home, he really cared, it was amazing."

The film revolves around the life of Chris Samuels (Granstaff), a pro wrestler who decides to step out in faith and become a pastor. After moving his family to a new town, reality sets in as Samuels struggles to pay the bills, and when he sees the locals facing hardships, his God-given talents and former career comes in handy.

"I think a lot of people put their church leaders, their pastors on this pedestal, like up here, like they can't do any wrong, and I love this pastor, who makes mistakes, you know and he does go before the congregation and says, 'I’ve made mistakes, please forgive me.' I like that fact that, you know, it’s not just you know, hey everyone’s up here, it’s like they’re human beings," said Granstaff.

Watch the video above for more on "The Masked Saint," in theaters January 8.