Wrestler Mickie James Changes Horses

Most country stars sing about broken hearts, but this one has a song about breaking bones!

WWE female wrestling champ Mickie James came on FOX & Friends to promote her first country music album, “Strangers and Angels.”

“I have kind of reached the pinnacle of wrestling… and I wanted to try something new,” she told FOX & Friends. “It was something I had always dreamed of doing since I was a little girl.”

James said she was “starting from scratch” and “opening whole new chapter and a brand new journey” with her career change.

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The wrestler/singer said she was influenced by listening to classic country stars like Willie Nelson and Tim McGraw growing up.

“My stepfather was a country music fan, and I grew up on a horse farm, so the older country, that’s what he listened to,” she said.

James said she wrote three of the songs on her first album. One of the tracks is apparently about kicking butt in the ring, but the “rough and rowdy” song is apparently so rough and rowdy, she couldn’t say its title on air!

Click the video above for James singing two songs from the album, including the debut single, “Are You With Me,” in FOXNews.com’s Strategy Room studio.