A woman featured on TLC's "My Strange Addiction" detailed how she has been guzzling down cat hair for over fifteen years - licking her pet in order to get the best fur.

Lisa, 43, from Detroit, Michigan, has told how she began snacking on her cat's coat as a way of feeling closer to the animal.

But she says she is now addicted to the weird routine, and has to chow down on a hairball at least every two hours.

She explained: "I'll just clean her shoulders and her ears and the back of her head, and her face."

"I don't get as involved as another cat would - I'm not licking her butt or in between the paws that go in the litterbox.

"But it's a bonding thing and we both seem to enjoy it."

She now consumes three hairballs a day, or more than 3,200 since her addiction began.

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