Will Ferrell threatens Mark Wahlberg, knocks down a cheerleader at basketball game (in movie)

Will Ferrell made a drunken fool of himself at a New Orleans Pelicans basketball game, and it was all caught on camera.*

Ferrell, who had been chosen to shoot a half-court shot at halftime, verbally abused fellow actor Mark Wahlberg, sitting courtside, who he said was threatening his family.

“I love my kids. And if anyone was to ever do anything to them, I would hurt them. I’d freaking hurt them,” Ferrell yelled, according to a video shot on a smartphone by a fan.

Apparently under the impression that Wahlberg had once been married to his wife, Ferrell then bragged he had slept with Wahlberg’s ex-wife the night before, before ending his tirade with: “You know what? I don’t even like fajitas!”

After having the basketball he was supposed to shoot taken away by the on-court announcer, Ferrell grabbed another ball and pelted one of the Pelicans’ cheerleaders, knocking her to the floor.

After trying to make a run for it, Ferrell was forcibly removed from the court by security.

*Editor’s Note: The fan’s smartphone video was of a scene from a movie being shot at the New Orleans Peilcans/Los Angeles Lakers game called “Daddy’s Home,” starring Will Ferrell, Mark Wahlberg and Linda Cardellini.