'Walking Dead' Season 8 premiere date revealed

After months of waiting, fans of AMC’s “The Walking Dead” finally know how long they have to twiddle their thumbs before the premiere of Season 8. Ahead of its showing at the 2017 San Diego Comic Con, the network revealed both a poster and the premiere date of the show’s highly anticipated return.

The news comes straight from the network, which released a teaser poster of Rick Grimes on one side staring down the infamous villain Negan. In addition to the show’s title, a premiere date of October 22 was revealed alongside a snapshot of almost all the main characters left on the show.

The last time fans left the survivors on “The Walking Dead,” three of the groups that were under the thumb of Negan and his group, The Saviors, rebelled in a bloody conflict that left many dead. With the cat out of the bag and no reasoning left to be had, Negan declared that he and his men were going to war. Finally, fans know when the first shots of that conflict will ring out.