Tim McGraw didn't always dream of becoming a country singer. The Louisiana-native had dreams of playing baseball like his late dad Tug McGraw or perhaps becoming a lawyer.

But when the then-college student picked up a guitar, everything changed.

"That was it. I was hooked," McGraw said on CBS Sunday Morning. "And first, because I realized that chicks like a guy with a guitar. That was probably the main reason that I kept playing."

McGraw was glad he continued his musical efforts adding that music has been life changing for him.

"There are nights when you walk off the stage and you think, ‘I never wanna do that again,'" he said. "There are those nights. It happens, where you lay down and you think, ‘Why am I doing this? Why am I continuing to do this?'"

He added while tearing up, "But look, it’s been really good to me. Music has brought me everything good that’s happened in my life...it's my savior in a lot of ways."