“If my wife didn't like it I wouldn't have gotten anywhere,” McGraw recently told us. “But she does like it, thank God.”
So while the country crooner fully takes his wife’s advice when it comes to colognes, the same rules don’t necessarily apply when it comes to their music.
“I always want to know her opinion, I value her opinion. I think she's one of the best artists that are out there, certainly one of the best singers out there. Now, we don't always agree,’ he explained. “There have been songs that made my album that she didn't necessarily like and vice versa, but ultimately as an artist it's got to be something that's a piece of you. If it's not a piece of you, if you're just kind of putting together something because of what other people want to hear, or what you think radio wants, or what somebody else likes - then it's really not a piece of you, and you lose some honesty in it.”
But despite McGraw’s success in the world of scents and on-screen (his movie “The Blind Side” comes out in November) the 42-year-old still has his priorities straight.
“Music pays the bills. I’ve got three daughters at home, that's a lot of shoes,” he added.

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