Tim Allen reveals his ideal 'Home Improvement' revival plot

"Last Man Standing" star Tim Allen has revealed what the "Home Improvement" reboot would be about if the show were to make a comeback.

After "Last Man" was canceled on ABC in 2016, the actor began to think about bringing back his famous '90s sitcom and his iconic Tim Taylor character.

"I never felt—and it's come true—that this was done. It never felt right," Allen told E! News that the reboot idea for "Home Improvement" was so close to being a done deal until he learned "Last Man Standing" would be revived by Fox. "In the time off, we got real close where we talked to everybody…It was an interesting idea."

Allen said the plot for the "Home Improvement" revival would include the Taylor family boys, Brad (Zachery Ty Bryan), Randy (Jonathan Taylor Thomas) and Mark (Taran Noah Smith), all working as property owners, pursuing real estate careers in Michigan. Jill, played by Patricia Richardson, and Allen would still be happily married but living in a brand-new house.

"It was real interesting," Allen said of the reboot idea. But luckily for Allen, "Last Man" premiered on its new network at the end of September with  strong ratings. Variety reported that the show was Fox’s most-watched comedy on any night in nearly seven years despite “Last Man Standing” having a right-leaning lead.

Allen pointed out to Fox News that the only goal of the series is delivering enjoyable family content, alongside the edgy and memorable moments the show is known for.

"My comedy has been the same since I’ve been doing it for 33 years and it’s about the ultimate political divide — (between) men and women," he explained. "I’ve been doing that — and that’s all it’s about. And underneath all of that is that you just don’t get the other side, but you love the other side.”

And when asked if the show would make any mention of President Donald Trump, Allen said, "It just hasn't come up in the script."

In addition to "Home Improvement" as a possible reboot idea, Allen was also close to doing another "Galaxy Quest."

He starred in the original 1999 film alongside Sigourney Weaver, the late Alan Rickman and Sam Rockwell.

Fox News’ Stephanie Nolasco contributed to this report.