‘The Passion’ gives faith the Hollywood treatment

Fox is set to bring another live musical to the television screens this weekend with “The Passion.”

Narrated by Tyler Perry, the musical event will tell the 2,000-year-old story of the last hours of Jesus Christ’s life on earth, starring Chris Daughtry, Prince Royce, Seal and Trisha Yearwood.

Perry, a devout Christian, told Fox News viewers are craving the rise of faith-based entertainment.

“The television and film are going one way and getting darker and darker, and people are looking for the light,” he said. “They are looking for God, they are looking for faith, they are looking for someone to uplift them and make them feel great. That’s why there is such a hunger for this kind of program and again I’m so proud to be a part of it.”

Music Director Adam Anders, who worked on “Glee,” said viewers will be taken on a musical journey.

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    “We are going to see music of all types of all genres, but kind of presented like a film score— just happening right before your eyes and ears. It’s going to help tell this story and there are movements to it and the music, even though it’s so different they tie together in a really great way. You’re going to go on a journey is the best way I think to say it.”

    Anders said although the musical is one with a strong biblical message, the story is relatable to all people.

    “I think this show is for non-believers; it’s the greatest story ever told,” he said. “Everyone is familiar with some degree in this country to the story and to get it presented in this way with songs you know and love already is a really modern and inclusive way to do it.”

    Prince Royce, who will play Peter, is excited about being able to share the raw music with the audience.

    “We are going to see lots of music, which is my favorite, just raw music; everything is live and there is a band onstage. I think people are really going to appreciate the work that has been put into the music. It’s a story with a lot of love and a story we all know for so many years but it’s a cool twist and I feel like it’s going to be a refreshing twist.”

    Perry said that the live musical aspect doesn’t scare him too much.

    “You can’t see all the people through the camera, you just know they are there; I’ll be okay. As long as I don’t crown the wrong Jesus, I will be okay.”

    “The Passion” airs  March 20th on Fox.