Comedy trio The Lonely Island's third release, “The Wack Album,” debuts on Tuesday and features guest stars Hugh Jackman, Billie Joe Armstrong, Lady Gaga, Justin Timberlake, and many more.

'Saturday Night Live' grads Andy Samberg, Akiva Schaffer, and Jorma Taccone have turned their musical talents into a viral phenomenon with their YouTube page attracting 1.2 billion views and counting. And their humor isn’t just reserved for the studio, they’re also quite funny in person. Here’s our joke-filled chat with the trio as they talk song choices, hilarious guest stars, and how likely there will be no rapping on Samberg’s new FOX show "Brooklyn Nine-Nine."

FOX411: Ok set this up for us, this album #3, overall how are you describing it for people?

Jorma: I'm describing it to everyone as fantastic. This is a fantastic album. Can't wait for people to hear it. There are some amazing videos on it, there's 20 tracks, 7 videos that accompany the album they come on DVD.

Andy: Yeah it's the total package.

FOX411: What subjects are we tackling? Where do you find your inspiration for these songs?

Akiva: We're more mature now, yeah that definitely informs our songwriting. We're using less bad words.

Jorma: Well…

Andy: Un poquito…

Akiva: More Spanish.

Andy: More Spanish in interviews.

FOX411: Any break up songs like Taylor Swift break up songs, is there anyone you want to sing about?

Andy: We have a song about Taylor Swift's breakup songs. Just about how much they move us.

FOX411: Talking about your celebrity guests, who impressed you the most this time?

Andy: They all impressed us quite a bit. Certainly never anything wrong with watching Sir Hugh Jackman belt it out. Not actually knighted.

Akiva: He will be.

Andy: He's certainly got to be on the short list for knighting.

Jorma: Can you be if you're not English? Because he's Australian right?

Andy: Same thing (Jorma: Part of the realm sorta)… They're all playing our Superheroes.

FOX411: So Hugh Jackman, who else? Anybody's sense of humor surprise you or scare you?

Jorma: That’s kind of always what’s exciting about finally getting our guest artist on the track is just hearing how funny people can sound. Obviously Hugh Jackman is hilarious when we first got his stuff back.  Pharrell Williams is really funny on it. Solange is on this song “Semicolon” she sounds amazing she's also really funny.

Andy: Billie Joe from Green Day is awesome on it, he had a lot of fun doing it and we were big fans of his he's from the Bay like us. Very excited to get him on the album. Too Short is on the album too we were big fans of rapper Too Short from Oakland. Grew up listening to him.

FOX411: What is it like in the studio when you're recording stuff like this?

Andy: It often depends on the guest's schedule. So like if they have a lot of time, there will be more than one take.  Then if they don’t we'll take whatever they can give us.

FOX411: They take it very seriously.

Andy: Most of them do actually, when we talk to people we say we want it to sound as real as possible because that sells it.

Akiva: They are surprised how they come in for a joke and then when they come in they're like oh wait I'm really recording a song and really need to focus and do it in my real music.

FOX411: Who has the biggest trailer on set? Who has the biggest entourage?

Andy: We ARE the entourage. We're each other’s entourage. There's no trailers.

FOX411: What about when you hit the road?

Akiva: Whenever we're doing a live event, if we ever do a live event, I will have the biggest trailer.

FOX411: Is there room for singing and rapping on 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine'? Will we see any of this?

Andy: Oh man, never rule it out but my hope is no.

Akiva: As a potential viewer I'm going to also hope for no.

Jorma: There is a lot of rap that's come from Brooklyn, some of the best in the world, but NO.