'The Big Bang Theory' recap: 'The Viewing Party Combustion'

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A “Game of Thrones” viewing party threatens to drive the entire gang apart on this week’s all new episode of “The Big Bang Theory.”

Sure, GOT is one of everyone’s favorite shows.  And yes, Leonard has procured an enormous 6-foot Italian sandwich just for the occasion, but things tense up when Sheldon insists on holding a quarterly roommate agreement meeting and Raj won’t stop bragging to Howard about how hard it is to date two women at the same time.

Penny is supportive of Sheldon’s efforts to keep an open line of communication in the apartment, but Leonard won’t budge. “I am tired of him always getting his way,” he says. “We don’t need a stupid meeting. We don’t even need a roommate agreement.”

Meanwhile, Amy arrives with her famous spinach dip and Bernadette heads to bed early with a book.

Howard is trying to talk to Raj about the gender of his unborn baby as they drive over together to join the festivities. Raj uses the occasion to draw attention to his sexual conquests, which continues to annoy Howard.

By the time they arrive in the hallway, Penny and Sheldon already bolted and decided to watch by themselves. Raj joins them at Penny’s apartment, while Howard heads over to watch with Leonard and Amy.

Amy basically admits that she could care less about the silly roommate agreement dispute, but was really taking Leonard’s side because she is annoyed by the “weird, twisted brother-and-sister” relationship that has developed between Penny and Sheldon.

Amy begins offering up some examples of their closeness: “Who’s the only one that can make him take his medicine? And did you know she has him add things to the roommate agreement so she can get her way and not fight with you about it?”

Leonard points out that Bernadette does the same thing with Howard and Raj, then heads across the hall to confront his wife.

Moments later, Howard appears, having a violent allergic reaction to a pistachio nut in the giant Italian sandwich. The arguments are all put on ice while everyone accompanies Howard to the Emergency Room.

“If you think about it, tonight was like a real life ‘Game of Thrones,’” Raj deduces, moments before Howard appears, fully back to normal.