It was the eliminated ladies’ chance to dish on Juan Pablo on “The Women Tell All” special last night, and overall, they were not very impressed with the Bachelor.

The women said Juan Pablo was good-looking, but often insincere and shallow. They claimed he used having a child as a reason to not kiss some women, but hypocritically turned around and hooked up with others.

“I think Juan Pablo used his daughter as an excuse, rather than just saying I’m not there yet,” Kelly Travis said.

Kelly ripped Juan Pablo for comments he made regarding gay people.

Juan Pablo told a reporter back in January he didn’t think a gay or bisexual Bachelor would set a good example for kids because gay were more, “pervert, in a sense,” adding that he could be mistaken.

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“Coming from [having] a parent who is gay I was hurt by that,” Kelly said, her eyes filling up with tears.

“Obviously that situation was taken out of context,” Juan Pablo answered. “My gay friends told me right away, ‘People are taking that out of context.’ I’m not homophobic. I love gay people. They were born that way.”

Victoria Lima cut in, adding that as a person who also learned English as a second language, she is offended that Juan Pablo used a language barrier excuse after the remarks, and that the meaning of “perverted” is the same in English and Spanish.

Sharleen Joynt tried to diffuse the situation, saying it can be difficult when a statement is “plucked out” and taken out of context.

“We talked a lot about equality on our one-on-one,” she said. “He seemed very open-minded.”

Host Chris Harrison did a solo interview with Sharleen about her sudden exit from the show. She said although she respects Juan Pablo, leaving early was the right decision.

Andi Dorfman, who left the show after an explosive argument over Juan Pablo’s shallowness, admitted to pretending to be asleep to get the fantasy suite date over with more quickly.
“It was all about him and there was a lot of negativity,” she said. “There was a comment about how I was barely here.”

Chris polled the group on Nikki Ferrell and Clare Crawley, the two remaining ladies—and enemies.  The ladies were split evenly between Team Nikki and Team Clare.   
“I think it’s anyone’s game,” Kat Hurd said. “They’ve two very different women.  We’ve seen them battle all season.”

“The Bachelor” finale airs next Monday night on ABC, followed by an “After the Final Rose” special.