'Teen Mom' star Jenelle Evans breaks silence after claiming to be attacked by husband in 911 call

"Teen Mom 2" star Jenelle Evans has spoken out for the first time since alleging that her husband, David Eason, assaulted her in a hysteric 911 call that was released this week.

Evans told E! News on Friday that the incident was merely a  "drunk and dramatic misunderstanding."

"Everything is great...We are totally fine," she said. "We are feeling fine. Just taking time off social media...time to focus on ourselves and our family."

On Friday, TMZ released the frantic 911 call where Evans claimed that her husband pinned her to the ground and broke her collarbone in a drunken rage. The details of the call came after reports said the star was hospitalized following a party at her home on Saturday.

Through sobs, the reality star stated her name for the 911 operator and says, “My name is Jenelle Eason-Evans…and my husband assaulted me. He pinned me down on the ground…and there’s blood.”


After the operator asks her to state her name again, the reality star alleged that Eason pinned her down so violently she felt her collarbone crack.

The 911 operator then asked Evans for the whereabouts of her husband to which she said, “He is in the house and he’s been drinking and I think that he got violent because he’s been drinking.” The 26-year-old continued to break down and goes on to explain that she can’t feel her arm because of the injury she suffered during the alleged attack.

The operator then told Evans that they plan to dispatch officers to her area while she expresses concern for her children’s safety and says, “I have four kids in the house with me right now and they’re all sleeping and…I don’t know what to do.”

The operator instructed the mother to “stay clear” of her husband and asked if he has access to any weapons. At first, Evans said no, but then she quickly added, “I don’t know what he has.”


At the end of the four-minute call, Evans whimpered, “All I know is that my collarbone hurts” and the operator instructed her to wait for backup.

TMZ originally reported on Thursday that Evans made the 911 assault call from her home in North Carolina. Though a request for medical assistance was made, a call for an ambulance was later canceled.

According to the outlet, when officers arrived at her home, Evans also said she did not want to take legal action and did not file a police report.

Eason has yet to release a public statement of his own about the incident, but on Saturday morning, the father shared a family photo of him and his wife and his daughter, Ensley, with the caption, "We have never been happier, thanks for asking!"

The family photo came after he also shared other photos of himself and his daughter playing around a water fountain in Wilmington, North Carolina, on Friday.