Steve Austin: WWE more dangerous today because stars are ‘bigger, faster, stronger’

Contestants better bring their A-game when WWE Hall of Famer Steve Austin is running the show -- and these days he’s running two on CMT, “Steve Austin’s Broken Skull Challenge” and “Redneck Island: Battle at the Lake.” Austin tells FOX411 he thinks “Broken Skull Challenge” is the toughest competition show on TV.

“[It’s] the toughest obstacle course in the United States of America. It is designed over a half mile course with ten obstacles to pick apart every piece of your body and to get into your head. And it’s hell. It’s pure hell.”

As for “Redneck Island”, he calls it a “total departure from Broken Skull Challenge” explaining how it’s just a different kind of show, “because you can go from national caliber athletes to regular people like I was growing up in south Texas. Everybody’s from the south. There’s a lot of beer, booze, and good times going on and there’s the drama that goes on in the house."

As a former wrestler, Austin spoke to FOX411 about what he believes the WWE needs to be doing to prevent its stars from being injured.

"I just think that, when you look at the game of professional football it’s sped up so much more than it used to be. The guys are bigger, faster, stronger...and I think the same kind of goes with WWE. I think the guys and the gals are working harder and faster, and are more athletic than they ever the athletic sequences are so risky."

Watch the Face2Face video above for more of our interview with Steve “Stone Cold” Austin.