Stephen Colbert, Patrick Wilson belt out National Anthem at Mets game

Late-night comedian Stephen Colbert and actor Patrick Wilson on Friday belted out the National Anthem prior to the New York Mets game against crosstown rivals, the Yankees.

Colbert, who at times sings on his show, “The Late Show With Stephen Colbert,” posted the rendition on his social media feed.

The Daily Mail reported that that the two were initially greeted by a few boos, but once they started, the crowd cheered and supported the duo. The men completed the song, faced each other and shook hands.

A writer for Deadspin summed up the performance: “I say this with no irony or sarcasm whatsoever: That is a genuinely excellent performance of the national anthem. Good crisp phrasing; strong, confident voices; some tasteful harmonizing—this anthem rules! Bravo, gentlemen.”

The Yankees went on to beat the Mets 4-1.