Fresh reports have again surfaced that the 16-year marriage between Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith is in serious trouble following the release of sexy photo booth snaps, via Star Magazine, of the “Men in Black” star and Australian actress Margot Robbie.

But according to multiple sources, it’s all fun and games with nothing romantic going on.

“They’re just co-stars goofing around,” a source told FOX411.

The 23-year-old blonde is well-known in her homeland for having starred on the local soap opera “Neighbors,” but she only scored her first big Hollywood break in 2011 in the low-rated ABC drama series “Pan Am,” which was canceled after one season. Robbie then went on to score a role in the Richard Curtis’ romantic comedy “About Time,” and then opposite Leonardo DiCaprio in the highly-anticipated Martin Scorsese film “The Wolf of Wall Street.”

Speculation quickly started to spread that there was something going on between DiCaprio and Robbie, but those rumors were shot down by both their camps. And in the case of Smith, we’re told the young Australian is the outgoing type, while Smith too by nature is fun-loving and affectionate with those he feels comfortable around.

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Robbie and Smith, 45, have been filming “Focus” together in New Orleans, which tells the story of a con artist (Smith) who brings a beautiful, young female (Robbie) into his fold to teach her all he knows. But their professional liaison gets complicated when their personal romance starts to heat up.

Another insider noted that rumors of romantic associations between Robbie and her co-stars have become inevitable.

“[It seems to always be] a nightmare,” added one source.

Reps for Robbie and Smith did not respond to a request for comment.