Source: Lindsay Lohan positive she won't go to jail, refuses rehab

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge James R. Dabney refused Friday to postpone Lindsay Lohan's trial for negligent driving and lying to police, and went to town chastising her New York attorney Mark Heller for not knowing his California law.

A somewhat stressed out Lohan turned to her former court-ace attorney, Shawn Holley, immediately after the not-so-positive proceedings on Friday morning, burning up her phone lines and pleading for her to return to the case, a source tells FOX411's Pop Tarts column.

But no dice.

"Shawn just can't go back, and whoever does take it on, has to know it is a very time-intensive case with lots of different components," said the insider. "Not to mention Lindsay isn't exactly a cooperative client to work with."

Holley did not respond to a request for comment.

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Lohan pleaded not guilty to misdemeanor charges of reckless driving and giving false information to authorities after she crashed her car on the Pacific Coast Highway last June. However, the "Mean Girls" star was on probation at the time of the incident. Heller was attempting to delay the trial to allow more time to work with prosecutors to establish a plea deal that would enable his client to do other forms of community service.

"Judges liked Shawn, she doesn't fool around and always makes their process easy," explained alternative sentencing expert Wendy Feldman. "But the spectacle with Heller on Friday was just embarrassing, the Judge was not amused. And now the whole case has to go to trial, wasting more taxpayer dollars."

Another source close to the proceedings also noted that Heller is desperately seeking co-counsel in California.

But regardless of what goes down in court -- and how is defending her -- we're told Lohan will point-blank not agree to time in rehabilitation.

Prior to the hearing, Lohan was reportedly offered a 30-day lock down rehab deal to avoid jail time regarding her three misdemeanor charges, but the frequent rehab attendee refused.

"Lindsay doesn't think there is anything wrong with her so she is not interested in rehab," continued our insider. "And as for  going to jail, she doesn't even think that is a possibility. She thinks there is no way that could happen."

She could be wrong. Unless Lohan can find someone to work some Hollywood magic on her behalf and cut her a deal, time behind bars is still a possibility.

"There is some chance, but not necessarily 'high' chance (of a jail sentence)," said Laurie Levenson, Professor of Law at the Loyola Law School. "It didn't sound like the judge was too impressed by Mr. Heller or his arguments. Sounded like he was sending a not-too-subtle message that Ms. Lohan might want to consider carefully who will represent her."

A rep for Lohan, as well as Heller, did not respond to a request for comment.