Sofia Vergara Dishes on Her Sultry Fashion Line, Latina Success & Being a Sexy Symbol

Colombian Sofia Vergara is as hot her clothes – her form-fitting dresses, her skin-tight pants, her bright colors, her plunging necklines.

Now anyone can dress and look like the “Modern Family” star after she opened a new clothing line at Kmart. The line features the kind of outfits that have made Vergara so popular on the red carpet.

"We have a lot of very comfortable and wearable things that can be worn by a woman of every size," Vergara explained of her Sofia clothing.

"We have a lot of colorful things like a dress you can wear with tights, or you can wear under your leggings and still look well put together and sexy."

The Sofia line, available at affordable prices, also includes accessories, camisoles, shirts, skirts and jackets.

The 39-year-old Emmy-nominated actress talked more about her line, "Modern Family" and celebrating her "Latin-ness" during a stop at Kmart, accompanied by The Associated Press.

Q: Why did you want to design your own fashion collection?

Vergara: I always wanted to do it. I always had the thing for fashion, for beauty. But, I always wanted to team up with somebody like Kmart because that is what I wanted to create, a line that was affordable, that was for women of all sizes, every ethnicity, that could make them feel cute and beautiful without spending thousands of dollars.

Q: Do you wear items from your collection?

Vergara: I actually wear all of it. Everything (points to what she is wearing) is from Kmart. I love it. I wanted it to be pieces I would wear, pieces that I like. That's why I work with a very good group of designers and experts. I helped pick all of the materials, the models, the buttons, everything. So it was like the stuff that I like and the stuff that I wear.

Q: Have you ever thought about doing a high-end line?

Vergara: No, not really. I never was interested in that. I always wanted to create a line that was for my fans, for the girls that have always approached me and asked me, "Where did you get that outfit" or "I would have never thought to wear this with this. That is so great." I think that is even more fun, to be able to create cute clothes and they look like they were very high-end clothes, but they are not.

Since you're considered a sex symbol by many fans, do you feel that you have to be perfectly dressed at all times?

Vergara: No, I don't think it is a responsibility, but I just like to be well put together. I am Latin. We grow up taking care of ourselves. I remember my whole life watching my mom getting ready to take us to school wearing rollers and putting her lipstick on. It is part of my culture, to dress like a woman and to be like a woman.

With this fashion line and your success on "Modern Family," do you feel like you're opening doors for other Latina actresses?

Vergara: I think we had a great opening of the new season. I love that some networks now are trying to look for more Latin actresses to have on their networks because it is so amazing how the American public has accepted Gloria and her accent and all her Latin-ness, so it is great.

Based on reporting by The Associated Press.

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