Sofia Vergara has mastered the art of the social media self portrait also known as the selfie. I have studied Sofia's selfie strategy over the course of the last agonizing 3 1/2 minutes, even skipping my usual mid-morning snack, and now I offer you my tips to achieve selfie greatness.

1. Highlight your best asset. It is clear what Sofia thinks is most bootyful about her bod.
2. Remove your cute camera case, it can cause your pic to be a little blurry
3. Always remember to smile!

You have completed your training.

Next! The new way to celebrate the big 4-0 is in the nude. But only if you are supermodel Kate Moss. She graced the cover of Playboy in her birthday suit to commemorate her 40 years of hotness. Kate's issue is set to hit newstands in January.  Happy birthday Kate as you have probably made many others birthday wishes come true, too.

And finally, while filming the music video for his latest song "God Bless Amerika," the rapper Lil Wayne had the flag laying on the ground and then proceeded to stomp all over our beloved Stars and Stripes.  Listen, Little Wayne, I get that you want to be all street and controversial so you can sell albums to  pseudo-rebellious tweens, but at least know that your little hater-ade song about the nation that made you a millionaire may ultimately cause you to relocate.

Oh and god bless America -- spelled with a "c."