Carnie Wilson opened up about a traumatic fat shaming experience she had with Howard Stern nearly 20 years ago.

“I went to do ‘The Howard Stern Show’ and when he was on E!, it was on camera,” the singer, 49, recalled on “The Talk” on Tuesday.

Wilson continued, “So when I walked in, the producer Gary said, ‘Step right over here and wait for Howard.’ Well I didn’t know this, but I was stepping on a scale. And I looked up because in red, big numbers, 233 lbs. showed up on this thing. I went, ‘Wait a minute?’ and I looked down and all I could think was Howard, ready to shame me.’ They purposely did it.”

Still, the singer who has publicly struggled with her weight and body image, continued with the show.

“I went on and he just nails me,” she recalled, even noting that Stern asked her fiancé at the time, Rob Bonfiglio, why he wanted to be with her. “It’s like a joke to him, but it wasn’t to me.”

She told the “Talk” panel she “literally crawled in bed” but was comforted by her now-husband of 17 years, who bought her yellow roses to make her feel better.

Stern’s show ran from 1998 to 2001.

This article originally appeared in Page Six.