Sebastian Bach returns with a new album but can he still hit those high notes?

Multi-platinum singer-songwriter, actor and all around rocker Sebastian Bach returns with a new solo album aptly titled “Give ‘Em Hell.” Bach tells FOX411 about the new tunes, still hitting those signature high notes and keeping his voice in shape.

FOX411: That title “Give ‘em Hell”…
Bach: I've collected comic books my whole life and that phrase “Give ‘Em Hell” is something that I remember from like Sgt. Rock, Howling Commandos like “get on the field and give ‘em hell!” Or something a dad would say to his son before he goes up to bat in the big baseball game. “Hey boy, get in there give ‘em hell.” So that's kind of what I feel like when I go on stage right before I step on there, I say “it's my job to give ‘em hell”  that’s what I do.

FOX411: Do you feel that way when you approach a new album?
Bach: Making an album is an introspective thing. You really go inside yourself and it's a weird thing because I spent a year making this record and just looking inside myself and then you go into a dark studio just with you and a producer and it's a weird thing because you're creating something that's so from yourself but then it's shared with the whole world.  So it's like, the first song on the record is called “Hell Inside My Head” and I'm just writing about stuff I'm going through, right? But then you put the headphones on and you get to jump inside the hell… inside my head, which is very neat. Being in the studio is nothing but creating that's all it is. Being on the road, doing a promo tour or playing four concerts in four cities in four days like I’m doing, that's more a physical test. So the road is more of a physical activity, being in the studio making an album is more of a creative mental exercise.

FOX411: How is this one different? It’s the first one sober?
Bach: When I make my albums I'm not drunk. I'm saying I gave up drinking. I don't drink anymore. I've had a slip up here and there but not really I'm doing pretty good with that. And this record is in fact, the first record that I've ever made where I wasn't drinking after... I never drink while I'm singing. I would, after I'm done, I would go out with the boys… but I didn't do that on this record.

FOX411: Still hit those signature high notes?
Bach: I definitely can hit those notes. On this record I think I’m hitting notes that only K9s are capable of hearing… I can still do those notes.

FOX411: Rock out as hard as ever?
Bach: Unfortunately, with the advent of YouTube, it has changed for me the live concert experience only because in Skid Row in 1990 at Giants Stadium I wasn't thinking at all about like “be perfect because somebody is filming you and it's going to be on the internet tomorrow morning.” That never crossed my mind.  I would go and rock as hard as I could, if I didn't do the perfect job that I did in the studio… nobody came for that, it was like a celebration of rock but now when everything is filmed on your phone… and uploaded. It’s like kind of makes it different. So yes, I do rock out, but I’m rocking out more thinking of YouTube.

FOX411: So the phones are distracting?
Bach: Yes! One of my favorite bands of all time is Van Halen. I collect Van Halen Bootlegs.  I can't imagine Van Halen in 1978 with YouTube, because David Lee Roth comes on the stage, jumps off the drum riser, hits the stage, comes up and goes “I forgot the words man”… Like, that couldn't exist now and it's a shame.

FOX411: What’s your favorite part of being on the road to date?
Bach: I love the fact that I get to tour the world and play songs for people that they love. What a dream come true. You get to go to so many different places that you never would go. I don't understand. When I go to Uruguay like 20,000 people know “We are the Youth Gone Wild.” In like Quito, Ecuador... who knew? It’s a worldwide thing.

FOX411: What music do you escape with?
Bach: I listen to different music for different purposes. I always constantly find myself listening to ‘70s music mostly because of the singing. The way the Eagles harmonize. The way their voices blend together. Phoebe Snow or Linda Ronstadt… A singer like Linda Ronstadt wasn't cutting and pasting her songs it was really coming out of her mouth.

FOX411: Would you branch out again onto Broadway?
Bach: I would love to do Broadway again. I've actually been quite close to doing it again. There's been talks of different shows, and I've met with different people but because of one reason or another it hasn't been locked down, but I'm always getting calls for theater productions.

FOX411: How you keep your voice in shape for all of it?
Bach: There's an Italian vocal scale called Bel Canto which is used by singers such as myself, Jon Bon Jovi, Tony Bennett, Lady Gaga, Christina Aguilera. It's an old scale set. Just like going to the gym and if you do it correctly it makes your voice real strong. I think it's funny that Sebastian Bach does the same vocal warm-up that Tony Bennett does. Think about that. But that is how I do it. That’s how he does it. It's just like going to the gym.