'Scandal's' Joshua Malina's accused of 'harassing,' 'verbally assaulting' neighbor

Joshua Malina has a "Scandal" of his own brewing.

The actor, who plays Attorney General David Rosen on ABC's "Scandal," has been accused of harassing his neighbor over a landscaping dispute.

According to court documents obtained by TMZ, Malina's neighbor was granted a temporary restraining order against the Hollywood star.

"Josh Malina has been harassing my family for the past 3 yrs," the neighbor, Jarod Lam, wrote in his request for a restraining order, according to E! News. "He's called me several times with a private number and verbally assaulting us and threatening us."

A rep for Malina did not return Fox News' request for comment.

His neighbor said Malina believes he poisoned trees on the actor's property and now the "Scandal" won't leave his family alone. Lam claims in the complaint that Malina showed up unannounced at his house and "verbally attacked me and my wife."

"Last winter he came to our door at 9pm and yelled at my wife about some tree that was cut and cursed at her ‘You better not f--king cut my tree,'" Lam wrote. "He got in her face and started to come into our house."

Lam said the actor has caused his family "tremendous stress."

This is the second scandal for Malina this year. The 51-year-old came under fire in August for calling Trump voters "stupid c--ks" on Twitter and refusing to apologize.