Sarah Palin lampoons Tina Fey in teaser for '31 Rock'

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Sarah Palin is turning the tables on Tina Fey.

The former Alaska governor enlisted two former senators and one of Fey's former co-stars for a web teaser promoting a "30 Rock" spoof TV show called "31 Rock."

Palin plays a TV producer named "Melon," a turn on Fey's character "Liz Lemon," trying to produce a TV show in a setting reminiscent of NBC's hit comedy.

Senators Lindsay Graham and John McCain -- her former running mate -- play themselves, and "30 Rock" co-star Kevin Brown reprises his DotCom role.

The sketch was produced by Independent Journal, which does political satire videos.

Tina Fey famously spoofed Palin during the 2008 presidential campaign.