'Rush Hour' Star Chris Tucker Owes $11M in Back Taxes, Report Claims

Chris Tucker's ongoing tax problems have reached Nicolas Cage proportions. According to new documents, the "Rush Hour" star now owes the IRS more than $11 million in back taxes.

The Internal Revenue Service filed documents with the L.A. County Recorder's Office yesterday, which show Tucker owes $11,571,909.26 in federal taxes for the years 2001, 2002 and 2004 through 2006.

Here's how it all breaks down:

2001 -- $4,007,794.34

2002 -- $5,060,074.23

2004 -- $55,544.84

2005 -- $660,414.94

2006 -- $1,788,080.91

But this isn't Tucker's first issue with taxes. As TMZ previously reported, the State of California filed a lien against Tucker for allegedly not paying $3,594,409 in state taxes over the same time span.

Back in 2001, Tucker reportedly took in a $20 million payday for "Rush Hour 2" and scored $25 million for "Rush Hour 3" ... which hit theaters in 2007.

So far, no word from Chris' people on the tax situation.

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