Robin Williams' widow Susan: 'He did not give up'

Susan Williams wants fans of her late husband to know that Robin Williams was a fighter.

“Robin is just magical,” Susan Williams told Joy Behar and Paula Faris on “The View.” “He was a brave and noble warrior and fought to the end… There was no giving up in this battle.”

Susan Williams has been speaking out this week for the first time since the iconic actor’s suicide on Aug. 11, 2014. She said she wants to dispel the notion that the comedian killed himself because he was depressed. She insisted, rather, that Robin Williams was battling a fatal disease, and he did his best to fight it until his death.

“Robin did not die from depression,” Susan Williams said passionately. “Robin had a deadly disease and it’s called Lewy body dementia. He had one of the worst cases they’d ever seen.”

She elaborated, “The last month, it was like the dam broke for him… It was as if Robin had cancer throughout every [part] of his body.”

Susan Williams said that the coroner who examined her husband discovered his Lewy body dementia in during an autopsy.

“It’s like a complete parade of symptoms,” she said. “There’s at least 50 and they rear up when they rear up.”

She described Williams’ final weeks, explaining that he could not make it to a friend’s birthday party.

“He just said, ‘honey there is something terribly wrong with me,’” she recalled. “He was struggling because it was painful. There were delusions. There was anxiety that was off the charts. Depression was a very small piece of the pie.”

She said Robin Williams days were numbered.

“He didn’t have much longer,” she said. “He ended up contracting a disease that kills you, and there is no cure. He did not give up.”