RJ Mitte on 'Breaking Bad' and His Castmates: 'It Was Just an Amazing Ride'

Few actors ever get the chance to star on a genre-defining TV show. But, at the age of just 22, RJ Mitte can already count himself among them.

As Walt Jr. on AMC's critically lauded series "Breaking Bad," Mitte not only had the opportunity to exercise his talents on TV, but he also got to work alongside some of the best in the industry, including Bryan Cranston, Anna Gunn and Dean Norris.

Surprisingly though, Mitte himself wasn't bitten by the acting bug as a youngster.

"It's pretty funny, because I didn't want to be an actor," he tells FNM in an exclusive interview. "When I was 13, moving to Los Angeles, it was a way for me to meet people my own age."

Just a year later, Mitte landed a role on "Breaking Bad," playing a character whose struggles with cerebral palsy mirrored his own.

"I've been through the same treatments as Walt Jr. I've been through the same thing, I've dealt with the same pain," he says." When it came down to Walt Jr., I knew this kid. He essentially was me, just a different path of me."

For more from Mitte, check out the rest of his interview above.