Report: Lindsay Lohan will not be prosecuted for theft of $100,000 in jewelry, utensils

It wasn't me!

That's Lindsay Lohan's claim in the investigation into the alleged theft of $100,000 worth of watches, sunglasses and monogrammed Tiffany tableware from a multimillionaire friend of hers.

And according to TMZ,  the Los Angeles county District Attorney says Lohan will not be prosecuted for the heist. The D.A. rejected the case citing insufficient evidence to bring burglary charges against Lohan.

TMZ reports that Lohan had been trying to pin the alleged burglary, which was reported to have happened during an all-night party at the home of her rich friend Sam Magid on August 20, on someone else.

Magid initially called police after the all-nighter when he realized several items were missing. He recanted his report days later, but police continued with their investigation anyway.

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According to TMZ, under further questioning on Tuesday, Magid told police that Andrew Knight (who says he is record producer Suge Knight's son), said Lohan handed him and his friend a bag with stolen items wrapped in her shirt.

Magid says Knight returned those items to him, but that other items were still missing.

Wait, it gets weirder.

Magid also said Lohan herself told him she had hidden several items in his house because she was afraid they would be stolen by burglars. TMZ's sources say Lohan told Magid she was on Ambien at the time, so she doesn't have a clear recollection of the night's events.

Lohan also reportedly called Magid later and said: "I'm sorry. Please pray for me."

Regardless, none of the suspects were found in possession of the stolen items, and Lohan's assistant Gavin Doyle will also not face prosecution, TMZ reports.

Lohans rep had no comment for FOX411.

Lohan, 26, is also being investigated for lying to police after a car crash earlier this year in which she said she was just a passenger in the car. Cops think she was the driver. TMZ says the case will be referred to prosecutors and the L.A. City Attorney for a possible probation violation.

Lohan is still on probation from an earlier theft case involving a necklace swiped from a Venice, Calif., jewelry store a year ago. If she’s found guilty this time, she could go to jail for violating her probation.

And these are only the latest in a getting-long list of theft allegations involving the "Parent Trap" star. In 2008, she was accused by a model of stealing her mink coat from a coat pile at a party. In 2010, she was suspected of stealing a $35,000 Rolex watch.

Both incidents were eventually called misunderstandings, and she was not charged.