Report: Bartender Says Tiger Woods Stole His Girlfriend

He's collateral damage in the tangled Tiger Woods sex mess.

Former bartender Brian Kimbrough, 28, told The New York Post that he blames Woods for stealing his vivacious girlfriend, claiming the golfer invited her to his mansion for steamy hookups and incessantly called her on her cell phone.

Woods' name would come up on his girlfriend's caller ID as "Mr. Brightside," said Kimbrough, who mixed drinks at the Roxy Night Club in Orlando in 2004 when then-girlfriend Julie Postle was first pursued by the golf great.

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"Mr. Brightside" is a song by the rock band The Killers and features lyrics about a jealous male lover.

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Postle's trysts and phone calls with the golfer continued even after Woods was married later that year, Kimbrough alleged.

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Kimbrough said that he ultimately broke up with Postle, who now lives in Texas, but that she recently contacted him to ask for his cellphone records -- she was using one of his phones during the alleged Woods affair -- so she and her lawyer could prove a hush-hush hookup.

The beau said that while Postle and he were dating, "she promised [the affair] would stop.

"She said she wasn't pursuing it but [that] she couldn't stop [Woods] from calling. She'd tell me he'd call, invite her out to dinner, invite her to play golf, invite over to his house," he said.

"She said she wasn't going, but now that I look back, I'm sure she was . . . And when she called me for the phone records, she admitted it."

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