Ratt's Stephen Pearcy had a three-a-day groupie quota

In the mid-1980’s one of the biggest bands around was Ratt, led by singer Stephen Pearcy. Their rousing anthem "Round and Round" is one of the best selling metal songs of all time. Now Pearcy has penned a warts and all memoir about his wild ride.

‘Sex, Drugs, Ratt & Roll: My Life In Rock,’ bares it all - the debauchery, the drugs, and the groupies, who it seems numbered in the thousands. In an era notorious for depraved behavior Ratt took it to a new level with a concert contract rider that required cases of champagne and a dozen condoms.

The reformed bad boy talked to FOX411 about his life.

FOX411: You write that you thought hair-metal wouldn’t last forever.

Stephen Pearcy: When we first heard our song on the radio Robbin (Crosby, guitarist) and I said, ‘We’re going to go for this,’ and we didn’t think it would last a year or two. But you know what? We’re still doing shows, we’re still making records. Things haven’t changed much except we’re older, wiser, we have children.

FOX411: You had a pretty wild ride, a lot of groupies.

Pearcy: I just kind of gave myself a quota. I gotta have breakfast, lunch and dinner.

FOX411: So you had three different women every day?

Pearcy: Yeah that’s pretty much what I tried to make myself accustomed to. The thing is back then it wasn’t even a thought. It could have been four times a day. It could have been once. I just went for it back then. I said, ‘I’m going to have a good time.’

FOX411: Did you feel your morals disintegrating amidst all of that?

Pearcy: I knew what was right and wrong. I would try not to be with someone who was married or involved. If I found out after the fact it was pretty disappointing. I did take it into consideration because there were so many girls around there was no reason to end up in some situation you didn’t want to be in. There were some irate boyfriends every now and then. As far as I’m concerned I was pretty smart about it.

FOX411: Was your low point when you were under the influence at your daughter’s birth and couldn’t cut the umbilical cord?

Pearcy: Pretty much. At the time I had shattered my knee cap and they had me on all this medication. It wasn’t the cord between her and her mother. I did cut it. I was amazed that these scissors that were so sharp couldn’t cut through the cord. It wasn’t just me fumbling around but yeah it was a low point. It made me get it together. I had a child now.

FOX411: You also developed a heroin addiction.

Pearcy: I didn’t think it would get way out of control. I did my rehab stints. It’s interesting, you have a good time and then it doesn’t become a good time anymore.

FOX411: Do you ever think they’ll be another era like the 80’s for music?

Pearcy: Never. The whole industry has changed. Everything was so new like MTV. They needed content. They didn’t really care what band was what band. Also the way we used to tour back then. Bands don’t tour like that anymore. You could play Texas for three weeks. Those days are over. I learned some of my ropes from Van Halen in the 70’s. I was geared up and ready to go.