Pro-Hillary Clinton PAC releases country music song

Is it possible to build a case for a Hillary Clinton presidency in a country music video?

A new pro-Clinton super PAC called “Stand with Hillary” has given it a try, releasing a song Thursday that seems to target the white, male voters whom Democrats had great trouble attracting in the midterm elections last month.

In the video, the singer is a bearded young man in jeans, boots and a cowboy hat who is hankering to vote for Mrs. Clinton in the 2016 presidential election.

“She’s a mother, a daughter and, through it all, she’s a loving wife,” he croons. “…And now, it’s 2016, and this time I’m a-thinking, guys, put your boots on and let’s smash this ceiling … .”

With that, he takes a sledgehammer to a sheet of glass (a symbol of the glass ceiling), having traded the cowboy hat for a hard hat.

Daniel Chavez, chairman of Stand with Hillary, says the group plans on releasing more videos in the coming months One will be aimed at young voters, another at Latino working class voters, he says. All are part of an electoral coalition that Mrs. Clinton will need to capture if she decides to enter the race.

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