Patti Stanger has one very unhappy client.

The "Million Dollar Matchmaker" host struggles to keep her client under control in an exclusive Fox News clip of the upcoming episode of her hit WE tv show.

"I cannot do this," Stanger's client Devina Kaur complains during a mixer with potential dates. "I can't do small talk anymore. I'm done."

Stanger rushes over and asks Kaur, "What's wrong with small talk?

Kaur then lashes out at the matchmaker and says, "You're talking about a party? I'm sorry this is boring...Sorry Patti, but your party is very boring."

She then enlists one of her potential dates at the mixer to strip.

That's when Stanger really starts to freak out.

"I can't believe that I lost control of my own mingle! I'm going to put her right in her f---king place."

Catch the full episode of "Million Dollar Matchmaker" on Friday on WE tv.