Oscars behind the scenes: Bathroom pipe bursts, floods Academy Awards lobby

The Academy Awards are considered one of Hollywood's most glamorous nights, but when a pipe in the women's bathroom wants to burst, it holds no bars.

Just before the star-saturated 85th Academy Awards started on Sunday evening a pipe burst in the Dolby Theater as the mother of one of the Oscar-nominees for documentary shorts flushed a toilet. 

Water flooded the lobby, just as all the nominees and industry elite were entering, according to TheWrap.com.

"The poor woman came out looking like a scene from 'Carrie.' She was drenched," Lucy Walker, a nominee from last year, told the entertainment publication about the nominee’s mom.

Photos were later taken of organizers using large vacuums to suck up the water which soaked the lobby carpet.

Yes, accidents happen. And now, you can only imagine the jokes.

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