‘On the Road’ star Garrett Hedlund says he writes poetry

Some actors should just stick to, well, acting. And Kirsten Dunst’s boyfriend Garrett Hedlund is no exception.

The “On the Road” actor revealed in the February issue of Details he has another hobby: Poetry.

“Everything you ever knew seems to slowly be forgotten.
All the good nights are just nights, all the good mornings are just mornings, all the dots in the sky are the same dots you’ve been looking at all your life . . .” reads one of Hedlund’s poems.
"I spill it out as fast as I can," he said of his poetry and prose. "I don't really edit."

“On the Road” is based off the novel by Jack Kerouac about his travels with friends through America. Hedlund, who stars in the film alongside Kristen Stewart, said he also writes while he travels.

"In Brazil, recently, I wrote 70 pages," he told Details. "In London, 80 pages."

The 28-year-old actor even boasted that at an audition a casting director mistook his writing for  Kerouac’s.

"God, isn't Kerouac great?" Hedlund said the casting director remarked after hearing one of his prose. "No," Hedlund answered, "this is something I wrote when I was 18."

According to Details, Hedlund’s costars were also impressed with his writing skills. Tim McGraw, who worked with Hedlund on “Friday Night Lights” and “Country Strong” told the magazine Hedlund is "always scribbling something in his notebook. We all heard tidbits. He was writing this on-the-fly poetry, which was beautifully reminiscent of what we were doing."

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