Olivia Wilde says the problem of pay inequity isn't confined to Hollywood, and finds those who though her breast-feeding photo in Glamour magazine inappropriate "laughable."

In New York City to co-host Revlon's Love Is On Million Dollar Challenge event with Halle Berry, Wilde said women in all fields are paid less than men.

"It's not just an actress problem, its across the board in every industry," she told FOX411. "I think actresses have a certain platform, we have a loud voice, so its great that we're talking about it within our industry, and its important for everyone to be talking about it in every industry."

Wilde, who is married and has a young child with actor Jason Sudekis, has also used her "loud voice" to promote breast feeding, including with the aforementioned photo in Glamour magazine.

"I think its wonderful that women are proudly breast feeding and recognizing that its their right to do so and the idea that it is somehow inappropriate is obviously laughable," she said.

Revlon's Love Is On Million Dollar Challenge is a crowd sourcing philanthropic platform dedicated to raising awareness for women’s cancer, heart disease and diabetes.

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