New Kate Upton video for Beach Bunny all that different from the one YouTube took down?

Kate Upton leaves perilously little to the imagination in her new Beach Bunny campaign.

The Sports Illustrated model jiggles for the camera while shouting 'It's a wrap' in the video for swimwear chain.

The eye-popping move proved the strength of the bandeau, an important factor for women like Kate.

PHOTOS: Kate Upton for Beach Bunny.

(It's not so much different than the video of her dancing in a bikini that was momentarily banned from YouTube citing decency concerns, before being reinstated by the video sharing site.)

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Kate filmed the video while in Belize shooting a new campaign for the Beach Bunny Bronze Collection.

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And she revealed her delight at being able to design a few of the designs herself.

"It's been by far my favorite shoot so far, not just because of the beautiful location but because I was able to design part of the collection," she said.

"I've been involved with the company for 18 months now, I've grown so much as a model. I've gone from walking the run way for them to being here in Belize."

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