New campaign says the best way to thank a military veteran is to vote

With less than a month until the presidential election, a group of former military members and actors got together to ask Americans to honor veterans in a unique way – by voting.

Executive Director of  Got Your 6, Bill Rausch, says the new voting PSA, titled “Don’t just thank;Vote!” is a campaign designed to channel people’s good intentions of thanking veterans into something productive, such as voting.

Got Your 6 unites Hollywood with other non-profits and governmental partners with veterans in the community.

The PSA includes actors Joe Manganiello, Rob Riggle (veteran), David Eigenberg (veteran), J.W. Cortes (veteran) and Tom Arnold.

“A great way to get folks involved and thank us for our service, especially this year, is to vote,” Rausch told Fox News Latino.

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A recently released Got Your 6 2016 Veterans Civic Health Index shows that veterans vote about 15 percentage points higher than non-veterans during local elections.

Award-winning actor, Marine combat veteran, singer and filmmaker, actor, and filmmaker J.W. Cortés told Fox News Latino he wants people to feel invigorated and make a change in their lives by getting out to the polls and voting.

It's estimated that 240 million people in the country are eligible to vote, but only 129 million actually do.

Rausch said there is a way for people to show their support for the armed forces and veterans, and that is by casting their ballot on Nov. 8th.

“One way to repay us is to go out and vote,” he said.

He adds that he hopes the PSA will galvanize voters and drive up turnout numbers.

One group Got Your 6 hopes to reach is Latino voters. According to Pew Hispanic, Latino millennials will account for nearly half (44 percent) of the record 27.3 million Hispanic eligible voters projected for 2016.

Rausch and Cortes said they believe this election outcome means a lot for veterans – and Latinos.

“There’s a unique opportunity to showcase,” Cortes said,” that our voices are powerful and can be heard and will be heard.”