New Beach Boys album like ‘1965 all over again,’ Mike Love says

Fifty years after they formed, and 20 years since they all last played together, the original Beach Boys are back this summer with a brand new album, co-written by Beach Boys mastermind Brian Wilson, and an international tour to support it.

The new album, the well-reviewed “That's Why God Made the Radio,” released Tuesday, features original Beach Boys Brian Wilson, Mike Love, Al Jardine, Bruce Johnston, and David Marks

"When we got into the studio again, it was very evident it was going to sound great," Love told the Daily Telegraph. "Everyone will have an opinion on whether the album is worth a darn, but we had a good time doing it. It proves the old theorem: the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.”


The Beach Boys are America's top-selling band ever according to Billboard/Soundscan. The accompanying 50th anniversary tour promises to be one of the band’s biggest ever, backed by a large studio budget and fueled by requests from around the globe.

"People enjoy seeing us together doing those songs," said Love. "With all of us, there is a breadth and depth we're able to do from our catalogue that's unique. It's really a complete and comprehensive show.

Love said the new show features 40 songs from six decades.

"We are trying to not only satisfy the casual fan who know the hits, but we want to please the hardcore followers who probably know more about us than we do,” Love told the paper.

Some of the songs from “That's Why God Made the Radio” hark back to the past, including “Think About The Days” and “Summer's Gone.”

"We lost a couple of people along the way, and time has passed, but it's like sonic deja vu," Love said. "The new songs are similar to what we did in the heyday of the Beach Boys. It's 1965 all over again."

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