Molly Sims is a proud mother of three children who has never kept quiet about her fertility woes.

“I think now it’s much more open, but I think it’s open because people are talking about it,” the 44-year-old model told Closer Weekly Thursday. “It’s not an easy path, and I think a lot of it is hidden, and there are a lot of things out there. As much as ‘it takes a village’ when you have children, I think now ‘it takes a village’ to have a child.”

In 2011, the 38-year-old married film producer Scott Stuber — but Sims was already thinking about the future long before then.

“I decided to freeze my eggs before I met Scott,” she shared in a 2016 video for her YouTube channel. “I went to see Dr. Shahin Ghadir at the Southern California Reproductive Center. The maternal clock all of a sudden just started happening.”

However, she ended up waiting until after she met Stuber to move forward with her plan.

“We ended up freezing [embryos] about nine months before we got married in September of 2011,” she added.

Today, Sims doesn’t regret being so open to fans about her journey in becoming a parent.

“I just think it’s really important to be there for women,” she explained. “I researched a lot, I worked with really good doctors, I learned a lot — and I wanted to share that information and I don’t want it to be some dirty little secret.”

Sims even tried IVF two times, but ultimately conceived naturally. She credited her no-nonsense approach to fertility for eliminating any pressure she may have felt.

“Honestly, I got pregnant on my honeymoon!” she said. “I think because we had froze, and because I had in the back of my mind a safety blanket — a safety net — I got pregnant,” she added. “We tried IVF twice with Scarlett. I was just about to do another round, and there you go, there was Scar!”