Miley Cyrus' sex-crazed 'Wrecking Ball' video shatters records, earns lots of criticism

If it’s attention that Miley Cyrus is after, then she’s definitely getting it.

The 20-year-old pop star’s sex-crazed video “Wrecking Ball” shattered the record for the most-watched video in a 24-hour time period on video-sharing site Vevo.

The music video, which the website marked as “explicit content,” shows Cyrus naked, swinging around on an oversized wrecking ball and licking a sledge hammer. Once word of the controversial clip hit the web, Cyrus’ video quickly garnered unprecedented views for Vevo, with lots of eager users sharing links to her latest song.

More than 16 million people watched “Wrecking Ball” in less than 24 hours. Previously, One Direction held the record for the most-watched Vevo video in one day, with 10.9 million views for their “Best Song Ever” video.

But One Direction was no competition for Miley’s naked, albeit extremely successful clip.

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Still, while she did rack up the video views, Cyrus had no shortage of critics online.

Even some of the starlet’s fans seemed disturbed by her latest move.

Others had a sense of humor about the overly sexual video.

And a few scattered Miley fans, or Smilers as they are often called, jumped to her defense.

Her father, Billy Ray Cyrus, was apparently among them. He tweeted a vague, humorous message about the video, careful not to criticize or praise his daughter's latest attention-grabbing move.

As for Miley, she seemed especially pleased with herself. The former "Hannah Montana" good girl posted a series of tweets thanking her fans for helping her song break the Vevo record and climb the iTunes charts.