Michelle Wolf continues with her unique brand of political comedy in a new sketch for her Netflix series “The Break,” in which she makes a mock recruitment video for the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency.

The video, which can be viewed below, starts out simple enough and almost looks like a legitimate recruiting tool at first. However, things start to get strange when a collection of serious-looking agents begin to explain what the organization means to them using the phrase “ICE is…”

It quickly becomes apparent that the actors are trying to invoke the name of the terrorist organization ISIS to draw a comparison. Things become decidedly less subtle as the clip goes on, as the uniformed agents’ declarations begin to get more and more over-the-top.

In addition, the imagery gets a little more intense as soldiers in black masks wave black flags for ICE that are very similar to the ISIS flag.

Toward the end of the sketch, Wolf appears as Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen to give her take on what “ICE is.”

“It’s popular nowadays to say ICE is bad,” she says in character. “But there’s no better representation of American values right now than ICE is. And as an equal opportunity employer, we accept all levels of experience and education, from low to very low, and actively welcome those with diagnosed anger issues.”

You can watch the fake recruitment video released as a clip for “The Break” below.