Meghan McCain didn't take critics of her Christmas tribute to her late father, Sen. John McCain, lying down.

On Christmas Eve night, Meghan, 34, tweeted a sweet photo of John, who passed away at 81 in August.

"I love you," she wrote. "Merry Christmas, Dad, @SenJohnMcCain — wherever you are."


She then retweeted a troll who wrote "do this in private."

"If there’s one thing I’m doing in 2019 it’s to continue to destigmatize talking about grief, death and cancer," Meghan snapped back. "My father shared his life in public, I share it in death. To all of you out there missing a loved one tonight - you are not alone. I’m along side you, sending strength."

Meghan has regularly honored her father since his death.

In November, "The View" co-host posted a sweet tribute to the Vietnam War vet on Veterans Day, writing, "Today on #VeteransDay we remember and honor those who have selflessly served and sacrificed. Those who have and continue to fight to protect our freedoms -I am forever grateful. I miss you so much Dad, thank you for showing me what fighting for something greater than yourself is."

She also honored him in October, as well as speaking at his funeral in August.