"Married at First Sight's" Nick Pendergrast is expecting twins with her new girlfriend, Heather Yerrid. The couple only met in person in May after talking for three months. The romance came on the heels of the reality star’s divorce from Sonia Granados in April. Pendergrast spoke to Fox News about impending fatherhood, his "depleting" divorce and his reality TV future.

Fox News: You reached out to Heather for life advice. What drew you to her?
Nick Pendergrast: I reached out to Heather for advice on myself, not my marriage. I was headed for divorce so I knew that my marriage was not salvageable. What drew me to her was her ability to not entertain negativity and her posts about spirituality. What I was doing at the time to improve myself wasn’t effective. She always had a conscious perspective on our relationships and it seem to make sense.


Fox News: You spoke for three months before meeting in person in May and by July you're pregnant with twins. Was this something planned or a complete happy surprise?
Pendergrast: After Sonia stood me up for Valentine’s Day, it was then I realized she had given up one-hundred percent. Shortly after that, I reached out to Heather a couple of times for guidance on how to get back to focusing on me and getting my life together. Going through a divorce is messy and depleting. To be honest, I was ready to focus on myself from being so drained from the last eight months so this was a complete surprise. It just happened.

Fox News: Would you consider a spin off show or another reality show in the future?
Pendergrast: There are so many things that influence your intimate relationships for better or worse, especially children. The early weeks of pregnancy for Heather have not been easy and my life has completely changed. I believe sharing that with the world would be helpful not only for couples and moms but also soon to be dads. It’s hard but it’s amazing. The more people can see that, the better.


Fox News: How did being on reality TV change your life?
Pendergrast: Being on reality TV enabled me to see where I need to work on myself. It also showed me how easily influenced I could be by people that didn’t even know me. I am handling this entire situation much differently.

Fox News: Have you spoken to your ex-wife since your divorce?
Pendergrast: Sonia and I have not spoken since we filed for divorce.

Fox News: What advice do you have for anyone wanting to sign up for the show?
Pendergrast: For anyone signing up for any reality TV show, I would remind them that they were chosen out of thousands of people to display their life. They signed up for the good, the bad, and the ugly. They will get the opportunity to take part in some phenomenal learning opportunities about their self and to try hard not to take social media seriously. People who've never been brave enough to live their lives in front of cameras should not throw stones at those who are.